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Bembala Exhibition

Bembala Exhibition Card image cap

Bembala Exhibition conducted to display
achievements and trips conducted by the department

Blind Walk

Blind Walk Card image cap

Blind Walk was done as part of spreading awarenes and getting to know what it meant losing the ability to see.


Camps Card image cap

Camps and trips conducted by bembala and student's involement in these activities

Charitable Home

Charitable Home Card image cap

Help the poor, Help the needy! this is one among the social cause the team.

Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness Drive  Card image cap

Changing bangalore from grabage city to garden city

Government Schools

Govt Schools  Card image cap

Spread education because knowledge is the powerfull tool one can have to change the country


International Day for Elimination of Violence against women  Card image cap

Rally on International Women rights, change the idea, implement the idea

Open Street Cycle

Open Street Cycle  Card image cap

An open event Cyclothon conducted to spread awarenes.

Organ Donation

Organ Donation Card image cap

Help us save lives of many for these lives can change the future.

Outreach Team

Outreach Team Card image cap

The backbone of Outreach Department and the Bembala initiative.

Race For Rare Diseases

Race For Rare Diseases Card image cap

Spread awarenes and enlighten others.


Rally Card image cap

Rally conducted to support Gauri Lankesh

Sapplings Plantation

Sapplings Plantation Card image cap

Grow more and live more! the team spread seeds for the children of tomorrow.

Save Animal Campaign

Save Animal Campaign Card image cap

All lives matter! An important step in saving and caring the needy animals

Save Lakes Campaign

Save Lake Campaign Card image cap

The team initiate the rally for saving the polluted lakes across bangalore

Seed Balls

Seed Balls Card image cap

Promoting and planting seed balls

Traffic Awareness

Traffic Awareness Card image cap

Spreading awarenes about the traffic rules and loving your dear ones.

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